Reading and its benefits 

Reading and its benefits 

Readings benefits

Many people read whether It'd be for fun or to gather some information, what most people don't know is the benefits reading comes with. One of the benefits is Mental stimulation, Studies have shown that staying mentally stimulated can slow the progress or prevent the chance of Alzheimer’s. This is because reading keeps your mind active. Another valid point is reading helps you with Stress Reduction. A good novel can clear your mind off of stress from your daily life. Reading also helps with Memory Improvement, when your reading a book you need to remember the characters, setting and plot to understand the story. And finally, expansion to vocabulary. When reading books you'll discover new words and expand your vocabulary. Many people also happen to find books boring but that just means they haven't found the genre that spikes their interest. For example Person A could love fantasy well Person B could find fantasy boring and enjoy mystery or poems. Some people don't like any genres although most read a genre or two and say reading is boring. If people tried harder they might just realize how much they love reading, they'd also get all the benefits explained above from reading!

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one."~George R.R. Martin

Where to start reading

Now that you have all that information its time for you to find the right book and start reading! 


Go to the library! If your not sure your going to like a book or your just getting into reading go to the library. Or if your not wanting to pay around $20 or more a book...


Go to the bookstore! Find a book that really spikes your interest...once you buy the book you also get the famous amazing new book smell! There are many book stores around..for example the biggest book store in Canada is Indigo and Chapters.


Last but not least, you can borrow a book from your friends or family. If your lazy, too busy or just don't like the other two options you can always borrow a book. And if your a  new reader or just want to read something but you don't know what just ask the person for a recommendation.



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