IBM dashDB Workshop

Join us on September 20th for a hands-on session with IBM dashDB.

IBM® dashDB is a powerful, agile and secure data warehousing solution on the cloud that puts an analytics powerhouse at your fingertips.dashDB can help extend your exisiting infrastructure into the cloud or help you start new data warehousing self-service capabilities. Powered by a high performance in-memory and in-database technology, it delivers answers as fast as you can think.

See how dashDB can help you:

Facilitate rapid deployment of large-scale data warehouses

Deliver a unified architecture that enables hybrid data processing, on premise and in the cloud

Enable scaling of both volume and processing speed

Provide in-database analytic capabilities for the best analytic performance

About this event

Tuesday, September 20th, 2016
Breakfast & lunch will be provided
Pacific Room, 4611 Canada Way, Burnaby
Who should attend?

Newcomp Analytics

175 Commerce Valley Drive West, Suite 230

Thornhill, ON L3T 7P6


T: 905-731-2555